Introducing Satellite Broadband,
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Broadband via satellite has always suffered from a high associated cost compared to other systems available. With the launch of the IPSTAR-1 satellite and associated technology, satellite broadband capacity and efficiency has increased dramatically and the cost of service has decreased significantly compared to that provided by conventional satellites. This has enabled voice, video and data services to be cost effectively delivered to locations previously unable to receive services other than dial-up.

IPSTAR-1 is the first of a new generation of broadband satellites that act both as an Internet backbone connection to fibre-optic cables for ISPs and as a last-mile broadband Internet service to residential, commercial and wholesale customers, competing directly with ADSL and wireless infrastructure.

The IPSTAR-1 satellite is one of the largest communications satellites ever built, with a massive bandwidth capacity of 45 Gbps, almost equivalent to all other satellites serving Asia today.

IPSTAR communications are delivered via a gateway earth station (located in Auckland) that communicates over the IPSTAR-1 satellite to provide broadband packet-switched communications to any of the terrestrial ISP links.

IPSTAR Coverage in New Zealand

IPSTAR-1 is a regional satellite system, whose beams cover 22 countries throughout the Asia-Pacific Rim, with Ku-Band (84 Spot Beams, 3 Shaped Beams, and 7 Regional Broadcast Beams) and Ka-Band (18 Feeder Beams & Gateways).

Data Transfer Rates & Capacity

IPSTAR coverage of New Zealand consists of 3 spot beams providing 0.8Gbps of upload and download bandwidth. In addition to this a broadcast beam delivers additional bandwidth for satellite based digital TV services.

End User Requirements

To receive IPSTAR services, certain terminal equipment must be installed at customer locations. This includes an outdoor unit (ODU) that consists of an optimised 84cm satellite dish and an indoor unit (IDU) consisting of a high performance satellite modem. Aside from professional installation and alignment no other products or services are needed.

Broadband Satellite,
"Unleashed" speeds now available.

BayCity offers the most comprehensive solution for delivering fast, flexible, affordable broadband services anywhere in New Zealand.

No longer is the reach of the Internet limited to the availability of a phone line and no longer is broadband coverage limited to urban areas and a lucky few rural towns.

With access to the IPSTAR satellite in New Zealand, BayCity's Satellite broadband service has the best geographical coverage of any data solution in New Zealand. Nothing else even comes close!

The anywhere nature of satellite is only one of the reasons to take a solution from BayCity or one of our retail service providers. Because we have total control of the allocation of bandwidth over the satellite we can ensure that a specified level of service can be provided to a customer at any time.

This could be vital to organisations who need to maintain a crucial data link, but also means that we can ensure that we deliver our customers a fast services, no more waiting for that large e-mail to download or wishing you could watch video on-line. Our satellite has bandwidth to burn, and we're happy to share it!

Flexibility is also a key deliverable. Not only to our Retail Service Providers so they can deliver a diverse range of residential and business packages, but we can tailor a package to fit your specific requirements. Maybe you only need a connection for a couple of weeks, or maybe you need to temporarily increase your bandwidth or add a new location... not a problem.

Perhaps the best bit of all though is that Satellite Broadband is affordable. With connection plans starting from $49 +gst per month, our services are literally within the reach of most people. And for business and wholesale users, we can provide a highly cost effective bandwidth solution whether it is a long-term arrangement or simply to cover the requirements of a specific short-term project.


Our satellite service provides a genuine broadband level of performance with lightening fast download and upload speeds.


As we directly control the allocation of bandwidth we can provide corporate users with non contested bandwidth and flexible capacity.


Satellite may sound expensive but it's not. You can get connected for little more than the cost of traditional broadband services.


From Cape Reinga to Bluff, the Chatham Islands to Milford Sound, we've got New Zealand covered*

*Clear view of the western sky required.